My paintings are born of various transient moments that have left some kind of imprint on me. As a child I was nearly run over by a truck but my mother managed to save me just in time. I survived and I think this is the reason I paint.

I continue with the same themes I have been working on previously. Colours and the physicality of the act of painting are part of the narrative.

I was standing on the bus stop in the dark and I saw my painting moving as a red truck drove past. A woman and a child who was sitting in a push chair were watching as an excavator with what looked like a hooked nose was lifting a rubbish bin. I walked past them and we smiled when our eyes met for a short moment.

Once I saw an unknown woman with a curve of several metres of milk spraying from her breasts in the street. I continue painting with variations of an artist who paints with her milk. I also refer to the well known art historical theme of the birth of the Milky Way where out of the milk spraying past a child’s mouth the Milky Way and the whole universe is born.

The central figure in my paintings can be a painter queen and a breast feeding mother whose wide hemmed skirt is painted with separating and connecting brush strokes, forming a grid. It is reminiscent of the arched shapes of the opera house stalls.

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