The brush strokes

Painting is almost sculptural work, adding and removing of colour and bulk of paint, sensitivity and force. When paint is brushed onto canvas, this movement creates a colourful mark. The act of painting is similar to playing an instrument.  The brush strokes both connect and separates, as if transmitting or providing something. These dynamics are connected to nurturing, interaction and also power.

Artist’s work, parenthood and machines

The marks of paint, colour and fresh storytelling are important aspects for me. My themes are connected with artist’s work, parenthood and machines. Physical strength is pulsating, children are sucking breasts, machines are moving forward, the ground is being dug up and something new is born. The intensity of the interaction with people is somewhat similar as in the process of painting.

Some years ago I saw a woman with a metre sized curve of milk spraying out from her breasts in the street. I want to paint with the same ferocity.


Action I graduated with BA(hons) in Fine Art from the Finnish Academy of Fine Art in 1990 and with MFA in 2002. I have had several private exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions since 1989. My works are in the collections of the State Art Deposit Collection and Helsinki Art Museum and many private collections.

Anna-Leena Vilhunen 2018

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