Desire to Deepening my solo exhibition is approaching. It is open from August 15 to September 8, 2024 in gallery Huuto’s exhibition space III at Kalasatama in Helsinki. It’s included new oil paintings and a video installation Not everything is visible at once. I make observations about construction and road construction machinery. Excavators are tools used to dig deeper into the ground. My artistic work is conceptual digging, searching for meanings. 

My work Deepen I, 2024. watercolor, framed 68 x 86 cm, has been selected for the Skanno x Finnish Painters’ Union IV exhibition at Skanno Showroom, Erottajankatu 2, Helsinki, 2nd floor. The showroom is open from around June 6 to early December 2024.  




Recent Works

by Anna-Leena Vilhunen