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• Kantakaupungin galleriakierros sunnuntaina 3.2. klo 14 alkaen Galleria Katariinasta.

Anna-Leena Vilhunen paints heavy machinery and flying milk

Perceptions of everyday life can be seen in the paintings of artist Anna-Leena Vilhunen. Heavy machinery and a memory of an unknown woman in the street spraying her milk into the air are present in Vilhunen’s works. The exhibition An Ordinary Queen Paints is also about making art, working and parenthood.

Events that have taken place in the street have had a marked affect on Vilhunen’s artistic work. As a child she was nearly hit by a truck but her mother managed to save her at the last moment. – ’I survived and now as an adult I think this is the particular reason I paint.’

Colours and the physicality of the painting process are important. Heavy machinery still grabs my attention. -’It still gives me a quiet smile of excitement when I see excavators from the bus window’ Vilhunen describes.

Anna-Leena Vilhunen graduated with BA(hons) in Fine Art from the Finnish Academy of Fine Art in 1990 and with MFA in 2002.  She also studied at Aalto University and Kankaanpää Art School. Vilhunen has been active with many private exhibitions and has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Finland. She made an animated film The Runaway Ball in 2016. Vilhunen’s works are in the collections of Helsinki Art Museum and the Finnish National Gallery and she is a member of Finnish Painters’ Union and Helsinki Artist Association.

• Kantakaupungin galleriakierros sunnuntaina 3.2. klo 14 alkaen Galleria Katariinasta.

Anna-Leena Vilhusen ja Antti Frimanin taiteilijatapaaminen sunnuntaina 10.2. klo 14–16

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