The Runaway Ball, Pallo karkaa (2016)

Trailer, 1 min

The Runaway Ball is a short film made with a simple stop motion animation technique. It’s based on my idea to develop further the sense of movement and story telling by using my paintings as the visual material. A painting of an artist turns into an living ball and the artist into a little girl. The ball escapes and the little girl runs after it. They find themselves in the middle of heavy vehicles and excavators.

The film premiered in November 2016. I selected 40 oil and acrylic paintings from 2001-2016 of a variety of sizes which would support the story. The paintings were not painted with the film in mind. The visual material has been arranged to serve the purpose of the story. Animator Fanni Maliniemi and composer Juha T. Koskinen collaborated on the film with me.